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Also know as “art premier”, “tribal art”, “natural art”, “primordial art”, “original art”, “traditional art” or “wild art”.
In its most basic and least contaminated form, it is the artistic expression that comes closer to the human essence, impenetrable to rational discourse and accessible only by the sensitive way.

It is characterized by the anonymity of the author, where the artist sacrifices the individual attention for the benefit of his community, in the process of finding his identity through the art produced. In it we highlight elements of popular tradition of a society, usually organized in a tribal model and therefore almost always linked to the realms of ritual, religion and magic. In general, these artists are self-taught and develop by themselves the tools and techniques they use in their work.

Are considered primitive arts the pre-Columbian arts (Maia, Olmeca), the traditional African art, the Inuit art (Eskimo people), the Amerindian art (indigenous peoples of North America), the traditional Asian art and the art of Oceania (Melanesia, Micronesia, Papua), especially from the Australian aborigines.

In the beginning of the XX century, with the modernist movement, primitive and tribal creations became part of the collectable art objects, subject to cataloguing, contemplation and exhibition, even generating an art market and acting as a source of inspiration and renewal for the avant-garde of that time.