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Sátrapa appears at the end of 2013 as an alter ego that arises from a combination of factors involving a particularly severe winter and a personal existential crisis linked to a global social crisis. By that time, a rare phenomenon, both physical and metaphysical, occurred, similar to a collision of atoms, causing the release of a significant amount of energy that generated a fever of artistic expression.
In the midst of his creative fervor, in 2014, Sátrapa founds the Factoría de Androides, a space where robots begin to appear spontaneously, creating themselves, without the concrete support of an artist.
What started out as an exercise of alienation, fiction and fantasy, quickly evolved into something larger, uncontrollable, where the androids created by Sátrapa end up hijacking their fictional lives and become responsible for their own actions.

For those unaware of Sátrapa’s creative process, it is difficult to believe that all his works are the result of actions driven by intuition, where nothing is outlined or preconceived. These are creations of the moment, on impulse, and only later refined and finished with a rigorous elaboration typical of a master.
If the first pictorial experiences, even if somewhat naive, already revealed a concern with the denouncement of the brutal changes that society has been undergoing in recent years, it’s in his most recent works, in acrylic on wood, of larger scale, that these portraits acquire a truly impressive depth of character and psychological density.
These are hybrid beings, with unconventional faces and bodies, somewhat androgynous and in constant mutation due to the circumstances in which they are led in their desolate daily life.

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