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A gallery of niches

From the devils of Rosa Ramalho (Barcelos, Portugal) to the Vivian Girls of Henry Darger (Chicago, USA), there is a whole marginal world, full of magic, myth and fantasy, waiting to be discovered.
At Cruzes Canhoto we propose to embark on the adventure of unveiling this fantastic universe, made of unusual colors and shapes, with origins in the deepest and remotest entrails of human nature, with a passionate and sensitive approach, indifferent to the conventions of the art markets.
The pieces exhibited in the gallery are created by people with absolutely unique mental universes, mostly self-taught ones who express themselves intuitively, without commercial pretensions or ambitions of celebrity, not even considering themselves artists.
Unique in its kind in the Iberian Peninsula, it gathers in the same space works of outsider, tribal and popular arts.



The term Art Brut, coined by the french artist Jean Dubuffet in 1945, describes the art created by unadapted, deranged, visionary, medium, alienated people. It is sometimes misapplied for other marginal expressions, such as Outsider Art, Singular Art or Folk Art, since in many cases it is actually difficult to trace the boundaries between each genre.


Also known as Tribal Art, Art Premier, Ethnographic Art or non-Western Art.
In its most basic and least contaminated form, it is the artistic expression that comes closer to the human essence, impenetrable to rational discourse and accessible only by the sensitive way.


Despite the inevitable contamination of cultures, Popular Art (or Folk Art) is seen as the individualized representation of a community or a specific group. As in the primitive arts, the creations are usually produced by self-taught artists without any academic training, who transmit their knowledge from generation to generation.

Last exhibitions

Collective of Singular Art

20 January > 15 September 2024
Cruzes Canhoto presents the sixth edition of Desvios e Extravios (Deviations and Misplacements), a collective exhibition of singular art.

02 July 2023 > 31 May 2024
An exhibition of minimalist sculptures created by the Adan people (Adangbe, Dangbe) for use in voodoo practices, in southeastern Ghana, close to lake Volta.