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Miguel Pipa was born in 1980 in Caxinas, the peculiar fishermen’s neighborhood of Vila do Conde.
Without an academic education by choice, he has always shown a permanent concern with the outside world that surrounds him and a constant curiosity for what is behind things.
For him, nothing is acquired. Everything that comes to hand is questioned, dismantled and reprocessed. That’s how he started experimenting in the field of electronic music, investigating new sonic possibilities that classical instruments could offer when manipulated in an alternative way, or creating new instruments himself from the most common objects of everyday life.

Over the last decade, following the principles of ecotropism, he has been creating, through drawing, a world of interconnected mutant microorganisms that he calls fictional botany.
He presented his work to the public for the first time, in September 2021, at the Cruzes Canhoto gallery (Porto), in the exhibition “Microecotropias”.

There is no boundary that can separate us. We are infinitely connected and part of a whole of unreachable size.
[ Miguel Pipa, 2021 ]

All works exhibited are available for online purchase.
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