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Born in the Ribatejo region, but living in Ovar for a long time, Martinho (b. 1970, João Pedro Coutinho) chose to graduate in design.

Restless and misaligned by nature, he soon found comfort for his mental unquietness through his artistic expression. However, he does not create for the artistic milieu or in search of fame. Nor does he take himself too seriously in his occupation. He makes art like catharsis, creating in a compulsive and visceral way. This is noticeable in his entire work, although not in an obvious way, both in paintings and in sculptural objects.

His collages and assemblages, apparently chaotic and abstract, actually present narratives that report situations of his tormented daily life. It turns out that this daily life is not exclusive to Martinho. It’s common to many of us, and that’s what makes his work so strangely attractive, impressive and empathetic.

After a first solo exhibition, in 2018, at the Ovar Art Center, he presented “Sem Juízos”, at the gallery Cruzes Canhoto, in Porto, in March 2020.

All works exhibited are available for online purchase.
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