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Monica Faverio

Monica Faverio (b. 1963, Como, Italy) presents herself as a creative of malleable materials.
Specialist graduated in the creation and recovery of stained glass, she studied with some of the best known international masters of this area.
Amongst many works and projects, she was part of the restoration teams of the stained glass windows of the Monastery of Batalha, Monastery of Alcobaça, Belém Palace (Lisbon) and Sant’Anna Palace (seat of the Regional Government of the Azores).
Since 2015, Monica has been dedicated to the study and creation of pieces of contemporary jewelery and goldsmithery.
In this exhibition she presents objects as space ships as jewelry as art. Cosmic alchemies of urban, maritime and rural space, in fluxes of flexible energies.

«We are born by the action of certain cosmic connections, induced by jets of energy. We move from an ‘etheric’ state to a ‘matheric’ state. Something we can assume or not. For almost everyone, living with both feet firmly on the ground is the great challenge. That is the way they lead their entire life. I am one of those who wander, hanging between rays and murmurs of mysterious dreams.
I feel the vibration of matter around me, whether it be the basis of the plant, animal, or mineral world. I pass through. I feel the thoughts of other beings. The heartbeat of a whale crossing the oceans… The “vagito” – the first sound of a newly born star… Everything is crossed by the same vibration. Things that humans ‘normally’ do not spend time thinking about.
My creations evoke that. I only interpret what I feel.»

[Monica Faverio, 2018]

Monica Faverio

14 July > 30 September 2018 + A Couple of Days
Galeria Cruzes Canhoto, Rua Miguel Bombarda, 452, Porto
Cruzes Canhoto
Nuno Marques / Irish Faverio / Cruzes Canhoto

Thanks to:
my father – initiation to the forces of nature,
master Sante Pizzol – initiation to stained glass,
master Narcissus Quagliata – initiation to vitrofusion,
master Silvia Levenson – initiation to the technique of casting glass,
master Joana Pestana Begonha – initiation to goldsmithery,
and to all the other beings who accompany me on this path.

All works exhibited are available for online purchase.
If you are interested please contact us.


The spaceships are sculptures finished in bronze and Murano glass, wrapped in a wooden box with a glass top (20x20x5cm). All handmade.
They work as pieces of art that can be hung on the wall, or as jewels that can be used.