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Born in Tamel S. Veríssimo, Felismina Faria da Silva showed an early interest in the world of clay. Still at the age of 11, after completing the 5th year of schooling, she started working at Galante, one of the ceramics companies in the Barcelos region dedicated to the production of molded figures. Later, she moved to one of the competing companies, the famous Cerâmica Magrou, where several figurative masters from Barcelos had worked.
It was only in 2015, however, after her mother’s death, that she decided to start creating pieces of her own.

The Roosters and Dolls that she developed, and which soon gained her some attention from popular art collectors, contained a very personal mark, reflecting both her vast professional experience and the artist’s unique personality.
More recently, giving free rein to her fertile and restless imagination, she began to create a set of figures from the realm of the fantastic, where animals are confused with beasts and demons, exploring the deeply religious and dualistic imagery of the Portuguese region of Minho.

All works exhibited are available for online purchase.
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